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December 04, 2020
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  • Welcome to our new website!
  • WTKN Talk 94.5 - Conservative Opinion & Insight
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Saturday Morning Coffee

The Reese Boyd Radio Hour

7am – 9am  Saturday 

Saturday Morning Coffee is a local talk show with Reese Boyd. Tune in on Saturday mornings and learn more about the community, news, current events, politics, and great coffee!

In The Pits 

Racing with Larry O’Donahue

1pm – 2pm

IN THE PITS MEDIA covers the wild world of Motorsports through Multi-Media distribution. The radio show broadcasts live from the nation’s capital. Tune in every Saturday at 1pm.

Grand Strand Health & Wellness Talk Show

11am – 12pm  Saturday

Your chiropractors in Murrells Inlet and the staff of Grand Strand Health and Wellness want to invite you to their state-of-the-art center where their goal is to develop personalized programs for patients designed to significantly improve their overall health and well-being. Their chiropractors and alternative medicine specialists are interested in creating an environment within your body that optimizes nervous system functioning. This is accomplished by performing spinal adjustments to eliminate pressure on spinal nerves, which allows your body to naturally relieve pain and inflammation responsible for many health issues. In addition, their chiropractors investigate the possibility that hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies may be causing systemic inflammation in people suffering chronic medical problems.

Up With America

The Tom Herron Show

12noon  Saturday

The Jared Dillian Show

2pm – 4pm Saturday  &  7am – 9am  Sunday

A financial mind like no other, Jared Dillian is one of the industry’s most original, entertaining, contrarian voices. He is a master of human psychology, a skill he has honed over a 20+-year career.

Jared first started on Wall Street… then began writing financial newsletters which quickly gained a cult following (and are now read by thousands of people worldwide)… and now, he’s the straight-talking voice you need to get your personal finances into shape… for good.

Goldfinch Winslow Legal Brief

Sunday at 9:30am

The Goldfinch Winslow Legal Brief will take events and stories from everyday life and discusses the legal implications in our lives.  Some are funny and some are serious, but they all dictate the law we follow in our day to day activities.  Much like we do at the law firm we try to make since of the law as it applies to events that are happening to best understand the result clients and other citizens may have in those same situations.

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