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  • Welcome to our new website!
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Radio Advertising Basics

  • Radio is a LONG TERM advertising medium. It takes time to build a campaign, and it takes time for your commercials to make an impact. All good advertising requires patience and attention for the long term.
  • Frequency is critical. Your commercial has to run enough times to make an impact, either short term or long term. Without Frequency, you reduce the ability of good advertising to make an impact.
  • Listeners treat their radio station as family. They need to be treated with respect and intelligence. Speak to the mature, adult, intelligent listener. Be part of their circle; invite, educate, and encourage.
  • All good advertising is an investment and should be part of your regular operational expense. Budget for your radio advertising.
  • Over 93% off all adults are reached by radio during the week. Radio is the greatest of all advertising media in terms of total reach. Don’t be afraid to use multiple stations to REACH more people more often.
  • Make sure the radio campaign is designed for YOUR business, not something a radio station needs to sell!
  • OUR Audience on EASY Radio is the most loyal and connected of any radio station you’ll encounter. These listeners expect us to give them information in a mature and clear manner. Our listeners LISTEN to the commercials.

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